Antioch Church Of Christ

Located Ten Miles East of Tampa Florida at Interstate Four / Exit Fourteen

Special Instructions For Slow Internet Connections

The audio files on this site are quite large. The purpose is an attempt to provide quality audio files where the listener is not distracted from the sermon because of poor sound quality. In planning for the future, we realize that within a few years dial-up internet connections will be a thing of the past. If you have a dial-up connection we recommend the following methods:

To listen with the player on our web page, click the play button then quickly click the pause button and walk away for at least thirty minutes. The sermon will continue to download while you're away. When you return, click the play button and you should be able to begin listening.

To download the sermon to your computer for listening at a later time or for transferring to a portable device, right click on the sentence below the player, choose "Save Target As" and click the "Save" button on the dialog box. Due to the fact this may tie up your phone line for quite some time, it has been suggested if you begin downloading before retiring for the evening, your sermon will be ready when you awake.

Fast broadband internet connections are becoming more widespread so you may have a friend that can download the sermon for you. If none of the above works, simply contact us and as time permits, we can mail a CD to you.

Thanks for your cooperation.
Antioch Church Of Christ

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